Atlantic 4, Antigua January 18th 2007
Atlantic 4, Antigua January 18th 2007

In November 2005 the Atlantic 4 crew set off from La Gomera in the Canary Islands to cross the Atlantic. The start was delayed due to Tropical Storm Delta and this was a foretaste of things to come.

However 49 days, 14 hours and 21 minutes, another hurricane and a number of tropical storms later Atlantic 4 arrived safely in Antigua to claim second place in the 2005 Atlantic Rowing Race. For a taste of what we went through our on-line diary is still available and photos of the race also paint a picture of conditions on board.

The crew took up the challenge over a year before, none having previously attempted anything on such an ambitious scale. They aren’t super fit athletes who train all year dedicated to such endurance events but hope what they have achieved will inspire others to what is possible even while keeping full time jobs and paying a mortgage.

David’s full account of the challenge from the first days of planning to getting back to normal life can be read in Trust me on the sunscreen.

Many thanks to all our sponsors and those that supported us, everyone played a part in helping us across.

The crew plan to do other challenges together, the next main one is the Kalahari Marathon in October 2007 – we will keep you posted.